A Covid-19 antibody test, also known as a serology test, shows the immune system of people. Person who has Covid-19 responds to infection by developing proteins that can attack the virus (antibodies) in their blood. This test is  to detect antibodies in peoples’ blood might show whether they currently have Covid-19 or have had it previously.

In general two types of serology tests applied inthe diognosis of Covid-19, thease are chromatographic tests and tests based on immunoassay methods. They are easy to use and give results in less time. On the other hand, there are disadvantages such as; having less sensitivy and specificity than molecular methods, inability to replicate the results obtained during their validation in clinical settings or uncertanity of the tests.

In our country, there are three types of antibody band tests, given by Ministry of Health. They are two separate IgM and IgG  band tests and both together (total antibody )test.

Since antibody tests cannot used in the early stages of acute infection and do not effect the duration of treatment, their use for clinical treatment is limited. The results of antibody tests can be usd for retrospective diagnosis by showing increased antibody levels in acute. Also it can be used with patients who has negative moleculer results for Covid-19 but with strong suspected Covid-19 infection