When looked from electron microscope the Corona viruses looks like, round and protruding like a crown. Because of this reason they named Corono which means crown in Latin.

Many other coronavirüses from the coronavirüs family cause milder diseases with milder symptoms than the new coronavirus. That is why coronaviruses have not caused any panic when it comes to diseases as colds. Because of this Covid-19 disease called new coronaviruses. Since the virus previosly called SARS, is very similar disease to today’s new coronovirus, it also called SARS-CoV-2.

The New coronavirus disease ( C0vid-19) is a virus frist identified on January 13.2020 as a result of research conducted in a group of patients who developed respiratory symtoms ( fever, cough,shortne of breath) in Wuhan Province, China in late December.

The outbreak was initially detected in those in the seafood and animal market in this region. Later, it is spread from person to person and spread to other cities in Hubei province especially Wuhan, other provinces of the people’s Republic of China and other wold countries.