Abdullah ÇİM, MD, PhD

MD. Ph. Medical Genetic
  • Education :
    1999-2005 : Graduate, Faculty of Medicine, Akdeniz University
    2005-2007: Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine, Dep. of Histology and Embryology, Suleyman Demirel University
    2007-2011: Doctorate of Philosophy, Gene and Cell Based Therapy, School of Medicine, King’s College London/University of London
  • Adress :
    Antalya, Türkiye


Mutations analysis using molecular genetics techniques (Real-Time PCR, DNA sequencing and fragment analysis), 

Cytogenetic analysis and molecular cytogenetic analysis, 

Cell culture, 

Genetic engineering (gene cloning, plasmid reconstruction, gene transfer into cells)

Gene expression analysis,

In vivo project design 

Routine immunohistochemical staining

Work Experience

2019-Continues: Technical Responsible at Private Antalya Genetic Diseases Assessment Centre

2017-2019 : Occupational Physician at Iris Joint Health and Safety Unit

2012-2016 : Assistant of Professor at Dep. of Medical Genetics,Faculty of Medicine, Dicle University.


 There are original articles, posters and oral presentations published in national and international journals.